Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Photographic collaboration with model and actor Stefano in London, sculpting with light instead of marble

I've worked with Stefano many times before, in fact he was one of the first guys I photographed and our very first shoot resulted in one of my most-recognised images so far. I can't understand why?!
The photo's reproduced at the bottom for you to judge...

Since that image Stefano's gone on to do a number of things, including star in the production 'Michelangelo Drawing Blood'. The show delves into and investigates the Renaissance genius's obsession with human anatomy.

The show is travelling to Edinburgh in August for the Fringe Festival (details at the bottom of this post) and it was great to work again with Stefano before he heads to Scotland.

When London provides good weather, lose it at your peril! So, I thought it might be interesting to try and recreate what one images Michelangelo's statues and drawings to look like, using natural sunlight to create the form instead of marble.

Although obviously form is only visible through shadow etc. etc. Anyway, I hope the photos are striking at least. I'm still in shock we had enough actual sunshine for long enough to get the pictures!...

Stefano, from Michelangelo Drawing Blood play, photo by Robert TimothyStefano, from Michelangelo Drawing Blood play, photo by Robert Timothy
Physique photographer Robert TimothyPhysique men's photographer Robert Timothy

Oh, and that or rather that photo of Stefano Foster is produced here, for information purposes only. It goes to prove, sometimes in London you really can take photos that look like they were shot in Southern California. Details of 'Michelangelo' are below.

More information about 'Michelangelo Drawing Blood' on the Edinburgh Fringe page here
The play is on at Paradise in Augustines (Venue 152) ​from August 7-10 and 12-15 but check dates and times locally*.
From the play's website on Facebook:
"Inspired by Michelangelo’s theory of releasing a sculpture, this multimedia performance work combines music, physical theatre and video to examine the artist’s creative process." Details here.
* = obviously it goes without saying that I publish all information as correct as I can but there may be changed so pretty-please check!

Finally. Details of a high brow theatre production and a photo of a man in a Speedo. Don't ever say this blog doesn't have range!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Male model Ariel C from D1 agency London photographed by Robert Timothy

Black print T-shirt, £120, Versace

Ariel C from D1 models and I got together. Ariel stood in front of the camera striking some poses (and moody looks) in menswear while I crouched behind the camera, snapping away. Here are the results.

Ariel C, D1 Models London wearing Versace Collection shirtAriel C, D1 Models London
Black shirt, POA, Versace Collection. Black jeans, £65, Levi's.

Because I know you're all about context, here are five facts about Ariel:
He's 6'1. He lives in London. He's been on the cover of Wallpaper* magazine. He speaks Spanish. He's spent many summers in Cape Town drinking at the same bar in Camps Bay as me (although we didn't know each other at the time but probably sat within two feet of each other. It's a small bar. And a small world!)
And since I know you love facts and evidence, a copy of that Wallpaper* magazine mentioned above is featured below. Thorough is our middle name!

Ariel C, D1 Models London wearing Versace Collection shirtAriel C, D1 Models London
White cotton shirt, £19.95, M&S Collezione.

Ariel C, D1 Models London wearing Versace Collection shirtAriel C, D1 Models London
Black T-shirt, models own.

Wallpaper magazine cover
Not wanting to be left out, here are five facts about me:
I'm 6'0. I live in London. I haven't been on the cover of Wallpaper* (although I am going to photograph one soon...) and I spent many summers in Cape Town drinking at various bars.
And not just summers.
Most of the time.
Ah, Cape Town. I could do with a drink now, just thinking about the place. White wine please.

And because I'm not one to forget, the photo of Ariel and Shirley Mallmann on the cover of Wallpaper is right.

Stockist information:
Versace and Versace Collection available online at here or in London (Versace only) at 183-184 Sloane St, London, SW1X 9QP KB
Levi's available online at here
Prices and availability checked at the time of this post being published (July 2014) but prices may change.
Please check before ordering.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Film Review: "Eating Out: Drama Camp" (2011) with Chris Salvatore, Daniel Skelton, Aaron Milo and Drew Droege, directed by Q Allan Brocka

Don't usually do film reviews but where there's a rule, there's an exception.

I want to tell you about this movie simply because it is one of those surprising finds you stumble onto and lose yourself for 90 minutes.

Eating Out: Drama Camp review
Eating Out: Drama Camp. Yeah I know, catchy title although I still don't understand what the reference to eating out has to do with anything but let's park that. Who cares? The only word you need to understand is camp.

You want camp, hot guys with sixpacks on summer camp? Check. You want ribald humour and a few good er, gags? It's got that.

About five minutes in comes one of the best lines ever, from an amorous middle-aged aunt who's in the process of climbing into her hot, hunky personal trainer.
"I haven't been this wet since Reagan was shot."

Things go steadily downhill from there. So to speak.

The film is about students who go on a drama camp run a man called Dick Dickey who perhaps bears too much of a resemblance to Mr G's character in Chris Lilley's stupendous Summer Heights High but no matter.

Dick Dickey runs a very tight ship. Every day campers are awoken to a Tannoy announcement promising more drama (you have to say that with jazz hands), the ban on any sex is strictly enforced and if the day goes wrong it appears there will be a musical number.

Make sense?

Zack and Casey are having relationship problems, Benji (with the pecs) appears on the scene and there's another square-jawed bloke who likes sleeping naked. Much of the cast appear to have been selected simply on the basis of their looks and here's to that!

At times the acting is as wobbly as the set and the narrative as obvious as Tom Daley dressed in lycra, shot out of a glitter cannon but it's a formula that made the 'Carry On' films in Britain so popular and it works here too.

Like the Carry On films this one forms part of a series. I didn't know that until I read it on Wikipedia a few minutes ago (here) but it doesn't detract. The only annoying thing may be, having enjoyed this instalment so much, I hope I can find the subsequent films.

For over-the-top, mindless camp and some raunchy fun with a cast who're nearly all easy on the eye, I would heartily recommend the Eating Out: Drama Camp. Something you can switch your mind off to and enjoy it for what it is. Truffaut it ain't, thank god.

Eating Out: Drama Camp
Last Reviewed by Robert Timothy on 14 July 2014
Rating: 4.0 stars

Eating Out: Drama Camp (2011).

Directed by: Q Allan Brocka
Written by: Phillip J. Bartell, Q Allan Brocka

Chris Salvatore: Zack
Daniel Skelton: Casey
Aaron Milo: Benji
Drew Droege: Dick Dickey
Lilach Mendelovich: Penny
Ronnie Kroell: Beau

Certificate: 18 (UK) there's a lot of simulated man-on-man action and when I say simulated, I mean they're acting within a scene within the film.
Running time: 93-ish minutes
Genre: gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, summer camp, pecs, gay

Eating Out: Drama Camp is currently available to watch on Netflix UK. This information is correct at time of writing.
Reviews (with possible spoilers) from here.

And finally, I have to say that this review isn't a plug for Netflix, I pay for my own subscription and watch and review what the bloody hell I like. Cor, get her..!

Eating Out: Drama Camp with Daniel Skelton and Chris Salvatore