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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Taylor Wessing National Portrait Prize 2014: Story behind my entry of BBC newsreader Martine Croxall

Robert Timothy Martine Croxall at Taylor Wessing 2014
So the 2014 Taylor Wessing prize exhibition has opened at the National Portrait Gallery and I'm so proud that I am one of the finalists whose work is up on the gallery wall.

If you've ever considered entering just do it. This was my first time and I did it on a whim.

I printed out some photos I thought might be in with a chance, sat five friends down on a couch and paraded the pictures in front of them - vaguely similar to the judging process.
Friends picked the photo of Martine Croxall as one that most caught their eye and there you go!

However, since there is interest about the picture I thought I'd share a little more about its genesis.

Friday, 22 August 2014

On The White Sofa, Part II: Woody Fox

Do you remember when we got Darius Ferdynand on the white sofa and called it part one and then stressed that this could become A Thing? See it here.

Well, it is. And this is Part II. Say hello to our next guest and by goody - it's Mr Woody!

Woody Fox on the white sofa

Woody Fox has come a long way to be on our sofa, all the way from Sydney in Australia. He's been in London for over a year and frankly we're shocked it's taken this long for him to visit.

Woody Fox photographed by Robert Timothy

Obviously not content with just having him lie down so that we could snap him, we asked the Robert Timothy White Sofa Series assistant director (who pretends they went to Oxford, no less) to probe Woody. Seriously.

This is what we asked, and this is what he said...

Recite some words you know please
Today is your day.
You're off to great places, you're off and away.
With brains in your head and feet in your shoes,
You can steer yourself in go any direction you choose!

(Five White Sofa bonus points if you know where that's from...)

What did you have for breakfast?
Special K.

What do you wear in bed?
Hugo Boss No 5.

What is the solution to the current chaos in Iraq?
I don't know enough to have one...

How important is dental flossing to you?

Have you ever phoned up a hot guy just to hear his voice and then when he says hello, giggle and put the phone down?

What's your definition of true love?
When the person dies, you don't see the point of living anymore.

How many selfies do you take a day?

Woody Fox photographed by Robert Timothy

OK, so you're not likely to find any selfies on Woody Fox's telephone but thankfully we were there to take the pics. Go mad!

Woody Fox in London

Woody Fox, photographed by Robert Timothy in London

Woody Fox

Woody Fox, photographed in London

Woody Fox in Versace underwear

Woody Fox in Versace underwear

If you've enjoyed the second in our series, don't panic. There's more. In the meantime, you too can recreate the look and feel of our fabulous shoot with the following...

Woody Fox photographed by Robert Timothy in West Hampstead, London.
Woody wears Versace.
Throughout the shoot we listened to 'The Sounds You Need, Summer Vibes 2014' mixed by LRBZ. Listen on YouTube here.

Woody Fox photographed in London

Stockist information:
All photos; Net Details Brief, £45, Versace.
Versace online at or in London at 183-184 Sloane St, London, SW1X 9QP
Prices and availability checked at the time of this post being published but prices may change. Please check before ordering.

Friday, 25 July 2014

On The White Sofa, Part I: Darius Ferdynand

Oh shit, I think I've just totally doomed this idea. The problem is that I've called it part one.

Part one suggests there will be a part two and so on. Let's just say I hope there will be. You're going to have to check back to find out.

So part one came about partly by accident, partly inspired by the veteran photographer Tom Bianchi. As a teenager I remember seeing a book of his, featuring guys on a brown leather couch in his living room.

I too have a large couch in my living room, or a sofa as we call it in London. It's white and not leather but I thought I would take inspiration. And Darius is the first guest On The White Sofa*.
* = note to self; need catchier title. What about, 'Sofa, so good'. Er.

Darius Ferdynand on the white couch

Darius Ferdynand photo by Robert Timothy

So, our first victim participant on the sofa is the model Darius Ferdynand. I met him on the streets of Soho in London about two years ago when he was dressed in Not Much.
Original photos of Darius are here. Back then we agreed we should work together. And finally it's happened.

Darius Ferdynand

Another note to self; I should ask the guys I photograph a few questions so that we have something else to write here other than 'here's a guy rolling around my living room'.
This project is very much in its infancy. Can you tell?

What about a video to go with the photos? And keep the underwear or lose the underwear, what say you? Actually don't say, let me guess what you're thinking. OK, I'm going to shut up. Enjoy the photos!

Darius Ferdynand Robert Timothy

Photo of Darius Ferdynand

Darius Ferdynand in London by Robert Timothy

Darius Ferdynand eyes

Darius Ferdynand by Robert Timothy

So you got this far, how did you enjoy Part I? We need videos, we need an interview, we need more photos. Yes, we also need a participant for On The White Couch (Part II).
Always use Roman numerals, it looks far more intelligent than standard numbering.

Perhaps when we're sailing like the wind we might get Darius back. Would you mind? In the meantime I'm going to find our second model. What about we run a public vote and you decide who to put on the couch? Promotional T-shirts. A nationwide couch tour!

Shit. This is rapidly turning into the biggest thing since the invention of the internet. Let's do it. Check back for our second instalment soon. If there is one.

And before you go, as a thank you to the legendary Tom Bianchi for the inspiration - go to his website here and check out his work. You may even want to buy the book. Tell him I sent you. Thanks Tom!